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Liesl & Po - Kei Acedera, Lauren Oliver I first remember seeing Liesl and Po displayed in a local bookstore when it was released, and I was instantly drawn to it. I'll admit I haven't read anything else by Lauren Oliver, but her teen offerings haven't interested me so I haven't paid those much attention.Liesl and Po won me early on with the beautiful illustrations by Kei Acedera, however I was never fully engaged with this story. The story just didn't make a whole lot of sense. I always try to allow the rules of fictional worlds to present themselves and not instill my own, but there didn't seem to be any foundation here. In that way I don't think this book is geared towards anyone but young readers. This book wasn't by any means bad, I just wanted more. I do think the story had lots of potential, some of it just wasn't fully realized. Though I am curious enough to try Oliver's other kid's book, The Spindlers.