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City of Dark Magic - Magnus Flyte [Note: I got an ARC through the Goodreads First Reads giveaways.]This is the first book that I've dropped in years there was just no conceivable way that I could finish it. None. There have been plenty of books that I didn't care for, more than I'd like, but I'd stick it out and skim if necessary. I guess I don't like to leave loose ends, and ever since I started keeping track of what I read I felt more obligated to finish what I've started. The writing is hard for me to describe, the best I've come up with is elementary. If you ignore that the book is well over 400 pages this reads as though the target audience is 7 year olds. Which makes the numerous sexual overtones even more awkward to read. The writing is so basic I thought I was reading a Dick and Jane novel. Although in that regard I had some fun reading out excerpts in my best condescending narrator voice or even as a Host for a kid's program. I'll leave this protagonist to sniff out her next match on her own time, I don't have the masochistic tendencies required to read anymore.Btw I gave up on page 76. I'm sure any of you who tried to read it yourself will know why.