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The Demonologist - Andrew Pyper I picked up a proof from the bookstore I worked at thinking it looked interesting and wanting to give more Canadian authors a fair chance, I went for it. I found the author's included letter intriguing: he being of skeptical mind set out to convince fellow skeptical-minded readers of a world full of demons. I figured he'd have his work cut out for him trying to convince me of Christian mythos! Challenged accepted.David is a man at odds with life, his faith, his own self. He has molded his entire life around belief, but on the sidelines as an academic turned professor. He doesn’t believe himself and it’s not until the loss of his daughter that makes him question everything. I could tell early on that the writing style was not for me; it’s very bland and only seemed to serve the purpose of leading you from one sentence to the other. At first I was willing to make allowances, but the dialogue and characterization was also so poor that I never took the story seriously. According to the back cover a movie deal is all ready in the works so I have to wonder if Pyper just pitched the idea and didn’t bother to finish the draft. I expect more from a novel it’s not a screenplay after all. I don't know how this author has won accolades, but I'd hope that that means his other works are much better than this. And apparently this book is supposed to be scary? Really--where? I was just glad that it was reasonably short, and I got through it fairly quickly.Also, challenge rejected. I don't know how this book was supposed to convince a reader about anything let alone such a grand topic like belief. Aside from quoting Milton there wasn't even an argument, and quoting Milton is a cheap shot.