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The Rose Garden

The Rose Garden - Susanna Kearsley I was on such a high from reading my first Susanna Kearsley novel ([b:The Firebird|15827297|The Firebird|Susanna Kearsley|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1360594890s/15827297.jpg|21409785]) that I delved into this one close after. This is the older book being published (it was two years earlier), but I would've guessed that it was older than that. For me The Firebird was the more savoury and sophisticated read but I digress.I found The Rose Garden an almost relaxing read, this is one of those vacation reads that you pick up on and off to avoid the rain. The characters, plot, setting--it's all good, but this book never takes it to another level. I almost wonder if I'd have enjoyed it more as a movie, I could see an adaptation being one of those chick flicks that my mom and I continuously rewatch without shame.3.5/5